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At Fraser Coast CrossFit, we’re in the business of changing lives through CrossFit here in the Fraser Coast. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.

I’ve never felt more at home than at Fraser Coast CF. Such an awesome crew (both trainers and members) who go above and beyond to help you enjoy yourself and train like a mean machine. I had the BEST time whilst there and cannot wait to visit again when back on the coast. Massive shout out to owner and trainer Rob who taught me how to snatch (actually he fixed my technique for everything) and now I’m fully obsessed with throwing weight around! Do yourself a favour and GET AMONGST IT!!!


I had never done crossfit before signing up for a 6 week basics program with a bunch of other first timers. Rob and Ashlea made sure we used the correct techniques and pushed us to better ourselves physically and mentally. They were supportive and informative and no question was too silly. We made new friends and helped each other along the way. It was a really positive experience and I recommend it for anyone wanting to better themselves. I’m so happy I joined the challenge and transformed my body and mind. I’ve come out of it a stronger and healthier me, thanks so much


Had more results in 3 weeks at CrossFit than I did 3 years at a regular gym! I’m so impressed with everything. The whole atmosphere at FCSC is awesome!


I love Crossfit…..great and a friendly environment with coaching from Rob and sarah. A good motivation. Get to meet lovely people. Its fun. 💕💓. With group training ..wow…wow..Love it 😍


Absolutely awesome bunch of people! Amazing, Super patient and encouraging instructors. Loved the New You Challenge. I’m now signing up as a full time member.


Having never stepped foot in a gym or done any group training i was so nervous and intimidated i nearly turned around at the door and bolted! But I was struggling for motivation and getting bored with doing my own thing at home so i thought i’d suck it up and head on in. Best thing i have ever done! The structure of the workouts and coaching ensures that there is an achievable level for everyone, thats not to say its easy you still need to work hard but as you improve and tick off a few goals it becomes fun and addictive. I have met great people who i now regard as friends through CrossFit, on the days when you are feeling tired or lazy its seeing those friends that gets you into the gym!



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